Corporate Social Responsibility

Bagnalls and Barnados 2012
Bagnalls has been a socially responsible company for over 135 years and is proud of its heritage and ongoing market leadership.We take account of the social, environmental and economic impacts of our business activities and are committed to advancing our policies and systems to ensure that we address and monitor every aspect of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We further demonstrate our commitment to CSR through our customer care policy, supply chain relationships, people development, safe systems of work and environmental practices.

Being a responsible and safe neighbour and continuing to support community programmes which uphold our company values. This has been further developed with the launch of our Community Paintbrush scheme which supports local and national projects.

We employ locally to invest in the skills and education of the community, and embrace our commitment to people development by providing employees with a safe, fulfilling and rewarding career. We celebrate equality and diversity in our workforce, offering equal opportunities to all current and potential employees.

Health, Safety and Welfare
We continue to deliver health and safety standards that protect all who are engaged or affected by our work, through a programme of training and the provision of safe systems of work, which are monitored at all management levels.

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment arising from our business activities. We operate an effective environmental management system to minimise our impact and continuously looking at new opportunities to drive long term sustainability.

We recognise that our business is dependent upon our customers so we conduct our business relationships with integrity and reliability and honour our trading commitments. We always aim to build long term relationships, and to work together to improve our ability to meet customers’ needs.

Supply Chain
We work closely with our suppliers to ensure ethical procurement and work together as partners to optimise environmental performance and customer service. In addition, where possible we source products and services from local suppliers and contractors.