Specialist Services

Eco Friendly Paints

Eco friendly paints are specially formulated to reduce the level of harmful chemicals released into the environment. Many of the leading paint manufacturers have spent a great deal of time and money in researching and developing more environmentally friendly paints using advanced manufacturing processes and formulations. Bagnalls continues to support the paint companies in their ongoing development of new paint formulations at our Painting Academy where we undertake trials prior to paints being launched.


Wallpaper can be a great way of providing your office or hotel environment with that little bit of colour at very little additional cost. Wallpapers can be bought off the shelf in many modern and traditional designs as well as specially manufactured to your own requirements. Technology is now available to transform your company logo or favourite photograph into a wallpaper image. Bagnalls will then professionally hang the design to add instant impact to your reception or meeting areas.

Hygienic Coatings

Hygienic wall coatings are high performance paint systems that are easy to clean and offer long lasting infection control. These specialist coatings have been designed to withstand intensive daily cleaning regimes including steam cleaning. The seamless finish allows the coating to be applied across all areas of a hospital, food preparation or pharmaceutical environment. Aesthetics and vibrant choices do not have to be compromised as hygienic coatings come in a wide spectrum of colours.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardant coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates. They are particularly beneficial in high traffic areas including schools, hospitals and residential blocks. The paint manufacturers use their technical expertise to take samples of the areas where the coatings are to be applied to offer the most appropriate specification. The chemicals in flame retardant coatings are able to resist the spread of fire, which offers occupants of the building enough time to safely leave the building. Many of the flame retardant systems also offer an anti-graffiti solution, often an essential requirement for communal areas such as stairwells and corridors.

Anti Graffiti Coatings

Anti graffiti coatings are used by a wide range of public and private sector customers in areas where graffiti is a constant menace. Rather than incur the costs of regular graffiti removal and potential damage to the building through pressure washing they employ Bagnalls to offer the most effective long term solution to their problem. Bagnalls can apply anti-graffiti coatings to protect the surface and even if an area is subject to continuous graffiti, the removal can be undertaken much more swiftly, with little impact on the substrate and at a much reduced price.