Anti Graffiti Coating

anti graffitti coatings
Specialist coatings have been developed to help protect surfaces from graffiti, glue from fly posters, pollution and grime, namely, anti graffiti and anti fly poster coatings. Not only can the graffiti and pollution have a harmful effect on the surface of a building in the first instance but repeated cleaning can also damage the integrity of the surface, which can cause other problems.

Certain structures are particularly susceptible to graffiti such as subways, rail sidings, industrial buildings and communal areas (stairwells/corridors). Although the coatings cannot stop the area being subject to graffiti it can make it easier to clean off. There are two options available:

Sacrificial Coatings

Sacrificial coatings act as a barrier between the surface and the graffiti and when cleaned they wash off along with the graffiti or dirt. The coating then needs to be reapplied to offer continued protection. Sacrificial coatings are useful as a preventative measure where there is no habitual problem with graffiti and if it occurs it can be easily removed.

Permanent coatings

For a more robust option permanent coatings are used, resulting in underlying protection for anything between 10-20 years, dependent on the specification applied. Permanent coatings are most suited to street furniture such as utility boxes and lamp posts as well as subways and communal staircases, where repeated vandalism is common.

There are also permanent coatings manufactured to repel paint and glue to combat the urban problem of fly posting. These types of permanent coating allow the substrate to breath so are more suitable for porous surfaces like concrete and brick, they also allow any graffiti to be removed using less harmful substances such as soap and water or mild chemicals.

Alternative Options

Bagnalls can also look at other options for graffiti removal where no previous coating has been applied including high pressure water jetting and chemical cleaning.


All surfaces and requirements differ, so please contact your local Bagnalls branch who will work with our supply chain to offer you the best solution, these include, Urban Hygiene’s Easy-on, Dulux Trade anti-graffiti finish, Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant anti-graffiti glaze and Johnstone’s 3 step anti-graffiti coating.