Eco Friendly Paints

eco friendly paints
Bagnalls is supporting customers in “Painting a Greener Future” by looking at options in more environmentally friendly paints. The range however is diverse with a number of companies specialising in the production of eco friendly paints that are natural and Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other companies offering eco options as well as their standard range of paint products.

From January 1st 2010, the latest set of EU regulations governing the amount of VOC content in paint was implemented. However, paint manufacturers had already been preparing for this as previous reductions in VOC (volatile organic compound) levels were introduced in 2007 and Bagnalls was involved in trials from the start. VOCs are carbon based chemical compounds which are found in most paints and added to help the drying process.

VOCs contribute to atmospheric pollution and to remain legally compliant paints must now be adequately labelled to inform the user of the level of VOCs present in the paint. EU legislation has not banned the use of VOCs in paint but has put stringent restrictions in place. Solvent based paints, such as traditional glosses, have always had higher VOC levels than water-born paints, which often contain no or very low VOC content.

Paints are not the only source of VOCs in the atmosphere. Much higher VOC levels are emitted by cars, vans, aircraft and even household cleaning products. In fact only 1% of VOC emissions come from the coatings and inks industry. Nevertheless, it is essential that we all protect the environment and the paint manufacturers have modified their manufacturing processes to meet the required changes in EU legisaltion.


There are many different paint products available in the market. To ensure that you have products specified to meet your particular environmental and performance requirements, we work with our supply chain to offer you the best technical and environmental solution. Due to the changes in manufacturing processes there are now more environmentally friendly paints for all interior and exterior requirements such as Dulux Ecosure, Dulux Light & Space, Johnstone’s Self cleaning masonry paint and Crown Trade Next Generation undercoat and gloss.

There are also specialist companies like Earthborn who have a wide range of natural, eco-friendly products for residential and commercial finishes.