Flame Retardant

There are many different types of flame retardant coatings available for varying substrates, internal and external, such as structural steel, wood, walls/ceilings and stairwells. Therefore getting the right specification for your particular need requires the technical support of specialist manufacturers.

Flame retardant coatings can be used to allow safe egress from a building in the case of fire as they prevent the spread of flame. It is important, however, that a full technical survey of the substrate is undertaken prior to any coatings being applied.

The survey determines the number of layers of paint already on the surface and the integrity of the existing surface. Both these considerations are essential in order to understand what surface preparation is required and specification applied to ensure the flame retardance of the finished area.

Many of the flame retardant systems also offer an anti-graffiti solution, often an essential requirement for communal areas such as stairwells and corridors.


All environments and requirements differ, so please contact your local Bagnalls branch who will work with our supply chain to offer you the best technical solution, these include, Crown Trade Paints Timonox range, Dulux Trade Pyroshield, Johnstone’s flame retardant coatings as well as many specialist manufacturers such as Tor and Nullifire.