Hygienic Coatings

hygenic coatings
There are specialist paints available that offer tough and durable infection control. When painted walls are wiped bacteria is left behind to breed, but when walls have been protected with a hygienic coating 100% of bacteria can be removed without any damage. With superbugs and pandemics hygiene standards in the health sector is a growing concern for the general public.

In addition, they are formulated to withstand daily cleaning for many years without staining or discolouration, therefore eliminating the need for regular redecoration. An added benefit is that the coating dries to a seamless finish and can be applied on all surfaces such as corridors, stairwells, wards, theatres, clean rooms and food preparation areas.

Many of the hygienic coatings are available in a wide range of colours and our supply chain partners can offer advice on the best colour options to create a clean and calm environment.

Silver Ion is now being added by manufacturers to a number of products in their range as it has additional benefits in the fight against bacteria.

Bagnalls is a member of the Liquid Plastics’ Approved Hygiene Contractor (AHC) programme. As such Bagnalls has undergone an independent audit conducted by a member of the Institute of Clerk of Works and has specially trained staff to apply the Liquid Plastics specification.


There are many different hygienic coating products available in the market. To ensure that you have products specified to meet your particular requirements, we work with our supply chain to offer you the best technical solution. Products often specified include Liquid Paints Sterisept, Sterisheen and Steridex range, Johnstone’s anti-bacterial coating Microbarr , Crown Trade Clean Extreme scrubbable matt and Dulux Trade Sterishield.