Working For Bagnalls

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Bagnalls has a reputation for investing in the development of its employees across all aspects of the business, from an active apprenticeship support programme to continuous professional development (CPD) management training, we take the improvement of our people very seriously.

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The facts speak for themselves; with an intake of approximately 25 apprentices a year, we now have five of our businesses managed by former apprentices with four of our Executive Board having started their career as a management trainee. The average length of service of our operatives is ten years whilst our experienced management team of twenty six has clocked up an average length of service of twenty four years.We have been successful in retaining employees for the longer term and are committed to ensuring that we continue to have the appropriate levels of skill, knowledge and experience, to provide an excellent service to our customers. This includes undertaking specialist training to be able to work in complex and high risk industries such as rail and utilities.

We recruit people of suitable calibre, education and potential to fill the roles we have, with a view to further developing their potential and experience to progressively fill more senior roles. We are committed to encouraging all our people to develop and use their talents to meet their personal aspirations.